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At last, I learn patience, calmness and quietness in my practice. I consciously take time on my morning run and meditation to remind myself to listen to those around me before I speak and before I act. For many years, I let my brain move by instinct, honed by training but now, I temper with mindfulness of the moment with more connection and patience. It hasn’t been an easy road but it has been more fulfilling.

As a physician/surgeon/scientist, I have trained to observe with my experience and training guiding those observations. Today, I attempt to slow the process, a tiny bit, to allow myself more connection with my observations. Rather than slow my overall practice down, I have become efficient-another gift from my daily early morning running and meditation sessions.

I recently moved from a house that was too big for the simple life I seek. I had found myself going for weeks and not entering may of the rooms of my former house. With a smaller house, I moved things I didn’t need or use out of my life. With a smaller space, high up in the trees, I live uncluttered and unfettered.

I now enjoy the simple order and beauty of living and using everything in my presence. With my newly found simplification and declutter, I find that I must declutter my brain as well. Thus, I listen, I slow down and I have become sleekly patient in all things.


9 February, 2019 - Posted by | medical school


  1. Fantastic post! I completely agree with the concept of living a more simple, uncluttered life. Thank you for sharing!

    Comment by Potential Doctor | 10 February, 2019 | Reply

  2. Have you read “Attending” by Ron Epstein? It’s a great read about mindfulness in medicine.

    Comment by Solitary Diner | 10 February, 2019 | Reply

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