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A very wise and gifted colleague of mine, Daniel C. Potts MD FAAN published this piece a few days ago on his blog. It is about communication. It’s one of the best-written pieces I have encountered on this subject. Please enjoy this writing as it is worth several reads. Mindful Listening: Learn to Communicate Without Words With Your Loved Ones


6 December, 2015 - Posted by | academics, medical school

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  1. Thank you. I loved this article. My mother suffered from strokes, depression and dementia and spent her last 11 years in a rest home & hospital. She became less and less communicative. When I visited, we sat together and if I was feeling chatty, I’d talk. If not, we’d just sit quietly together – and there was often quite a ‘comfortableness’ about that – we sat together, sometimes I would hold her hand, sometimes we’d be looking out the window, and sometimes we just sat – and that was ok. She knew I was there – she may not have had anything to say -but she didn’t need to. I’m now so grateful for those memories 🙂

    Comment by wisewoodpidgeon | 6 December, 2015 | Reply

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