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How do YOU land at San Francisco International Airport?

Many procedures in medicine are like landing a plane at an international airport. You have to learn “how” to perform the procedure safely, know the complications and obtain informed consent. If any of these things go wrong, well, the Asiana flight at SFO comes to mind. Enjoy this post by a very articulate airline captain who explains how to land at San Francisco International Airport. Use it to think about how you perform procedures.

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sfo 2

Here’s how you land at San Francisco International. First, the view over your left shoulder as you cruise “downwind” for your arrival into San Francisco International. You’ve arrived from the Pacific side of the airport, so you can plan (they’ve probably advised you already) on landing on runway 28L, which is the runway you’re paralleling on downwind. Yes, there are 2 runways that you are paralleling, but the logical one for you is the one on the left. Here’s what the airport diagram looks like, with an arrow pointing to 28 Left:

sfo 10-9a

Let’s talk about all of the runways at San Francisco International (SFO), because their are simultaneous operations on all four runways, so your landing runway is not operating independently or simply–nor are you as a pilot landing at SFO. Those two runways intersecting your landing runway will be launching aircraft out of SFO even as you are landing:…

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