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MATCH-2013 (If you didn’t match)

NRMP-2013MatchThere is a new process for securing a PGY-1 (or PGY-2) position in this year’s Match if you didn’t match outright. Please research the process and make sure that you get your application materials submitted correctly so that you can find a position should you receive a letter that states that you didn’t match or didn’t match to an advanced position. Contact your medical school and follow the instructions that come with your e-mail should you not match.

If you are still unmatched after the SOAP ends, you can submit an application through “Find A Resident” which is where programs that have emergency openings will search for residents that still remain unmatched. Sometimes illness or emergencies prevent a matched resident from starting their program thus there will be a late opening. These slots are usually preliminary but can turn into categorical slots should the resident hired turn out to perform at a very high level academically and clinically. There are not going to be very many openings through “Find A Resident” but there may be some out there. If you have an application on that site, a program director would be able to contact you directly.

For more information on the SOAP process see this link: <;


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