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For Geeky Medical-Types

I have added a link to the Short Media Forum. This website is chocked full of cutting edge information about anything that has to do with computers, networks, information technology and software. If you are looking to upgrade or want the latest word from the pros on an operating system, you should check out Short Media first.

Short Media also has a team that is actively engaging in medical research. Team 93 is participating in the Stanford University Protein Folding Project where your home/office computer can work on elucidating optimal foldings and configurations for many new drugs and therapeutics useful for treating cancer and other diseases. To join Team 93, just go to the Short Media site, then go to the Forums; join; scroll down to the “Neighborhood” section and you will find “Team Short Media”. From there, you can read information about joining them and getting involved with this important research project. There is a thread that lists all of the information that you need.

The more folks joining this project the better for medical research. Team 93 also keeps milestones for their members so you can plot your progress.


19 February, 2007 - Posted by | computers, protein folding, Short-Media

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